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Welcome to Anna Rosa® Jewelry!


Welcome to Anna Rosa Jewelry. As you paruse this site, you will find

Anna Rosa® jewelry is made from all that is precious. Sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold and18k gold are the metals from which Anna Rosa jewelry is made. Gemstones incorporated in Anna Rosa® jewelry may include, but are not limited to: Agate, Jasper, Turquoise, etc.

Anna Rosa® not only designs the jewelry, she often cuts the very gemstones which are set into her creations.

For those who are energtically inclined, that meaning those who can feel and acknowledge what they cannot detect with the senses, you may feel a strong pull to certain pieces of Anna Rosa® jewelry. This pull is your intuitive response to specific energy vibrations emitted by the gemstones and metals in the piece. The energy vibrations that are calling you correspond to your own energtic needs.

Anna Rosa® Jewelry is more than simply ornamental. The jewelry you will find in this site is energetically amplified as well as beautiful. By energetically amplified it is meant that the natural properties and historical observable metaphysical traits of the stones and other materials will be magnified by utilizing the ancient healing technique called Reiki.

As a result of the jewelry being infused with Reiki energy, Anna Rosa jewelry not only looks good, it also feels good.


To those with recent purchases.

As a special "Thank You" for your purchases, I offer each person who makes a purchases one complimentary day of distance Reiki energy. I have been professionally remotely directing Reiki energy since 2001 to clients all over the world. If you can't immediately feel the energy from this jewelry site, you can use your senses and "google" me to check my authenticity. Just search Anna Pizzoferrato Reiki and read. Immediatley after you make your jewelry purchase email me the with the date you wish to receive the gift of Reiki. To help me stay organized, you must chose a date to receive the Reiki which is within 7 days of your purchase. For those of you unfamiliar with Reiki, feel free to visit my Reiki Distance Healing website


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Disclaimer: Anna Rosa Jewelry is NOT intended to take the place of professional medical care.

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